Do you provide customer support or sale products both online and over the phone? Do you receive phone calls from the visitors of your website? Then you might want to help your clients to spell out their data to you.

There are two ways to integrate Spell Out into your website: an IFrame widget, and a Javascript-based widget. If you need even more flexibility, check out the full API description.

IFrame widget

This is a quick and easy way to include Spell Out into your webpage. It requires only one line of code, works without Javascript, but provides only few configuration options.

<iframe src="" width="300" height="200"></iframe>

Widgets interface language. Currently, English (en) and Russian (ru) are available. If not specified, the default language is English.
Spelling alphabet to use; one of the available spelling alphabets.
Initial text (URL-encoded). This parameters is optional.
Must be equal to "widget" to produce a lightweight widget interface of the spelling alphabet converter.
Specifies visibility of the logo and alphabet name in the widget. If hideTitle=1, the title will be hidden (as in the example above), in other cases it will be visible. This parameter is optional.

Javascript-based widget

This widget provides maximum flexibility for a seamless integration into your webpage, easy configuration of visual styles, and as-you-type responsiveness. On the other hand, it requires enabled Javascript and considerably more coding than the IFrame-based widget.

Powered by Spell Out

<input id="spelling-input" value="rm -rf /*"/>
<p>Powered by <a href="">Spell Out</a></p>
<dl id="spelling-result"></dl>
<script src=""></script>
  var spellout = new Spellout({

Parameters of the Spellout object are:

ID of the input element with the text to spell out.
ID of the element which will display the spelling result.
Defines the format of each spelling item. Substrings "{original}" and "{spelling}" will be replaced with the original symbol and its spelling, respectively.

You are free to choose where to put a reference to Spell Out: near the widget (as in the example above) or somewhere else on your website (for example, in "About us" page).