The Greek spelling alphabet is a spelling alphabet (or "phonetic alphabet") for Greek, i.e. a set of names given to the alphabet letters for the purpose of spelling out words. It is used by the Greek army, the navy and the police.

To an English reader, a spelling alphabet may be felt to be redundant for this language, as Greek characters are pronounced differently in English for historical reasons: like "Mew Pie Knee". In Greek, however, the pronunciation of those letters can be considerably less diverse: "Me Pea Knee". This necessitates a spelling alphabet. In fact, less than half of the Greek alphabet is uniquely distinguishable in noisy conditions.

Source: Wikipedia

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Character table

Symbol Spelling
α αστήρ
β Βύρων
γ γατί
δ δόξα
ε Ερμής
ζ Ζευς
η Ηρώ
θ θεά
ι ίσκιος
κ κενό
λ λάμα
μ μέλι
ν ναός
ξ Ξέρξης
ο οσμή
π Πέτρος
ρ ρήγας
σ σοφός
τ τίγρης
υ ύμνος
φ Φωφώ
χ χαρά
ψ ψυχή
ω ωμέγα